Spectrum analyzer waveform capture: GPIB interface card and capture freeware

I'm implementing a spectrum analyzer (HP 8562) waveform capture
system. I just need the ability to obtain a bitmap image of the
waveform. I've found free oscilloscope waveform capture programs, but
I need one for our HP spectrum analyzer. I've tracked down some
applications that will do this (VEE, labView, SPView II, GPIBLab) ,
but I'm hoping to spend less than 100 USD and the PC for this runs
Windows 95. I may be able to use source code in C or C++ if it's 80+%
- Could some kind individual point me to software/freeware that will
do this for
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I'd recommend a NI USB-GPIB card. Like all USB stuff, it's plug and go.
PCI or ISA based GPIB cards tend to be difficult to set up.
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Airy R. Bean
While I'm sure this isn't true for the newer cards, when I finally found drivers for our HP cards (buried deeply on the Agilent site at the time) they only supported Windows 2000. They specifically mentioned that they had no intention of supporting that product in XP. Something to be aware of if that is a consideration for you.
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