Where can I find cable Impedances (R+jX) per unit of length, for underground distribution cables of different sizes?

Hello everyone. I am trying to find information regarding the impedance of underground distribution cables rated at 600V and 15KV. I need both the Resistance and Reactance (R+jX) values per unit of length. I have tried looking on google for a few hours and have not had any luck finding any manufacturers or any website with this information. Could I find these values on the NEC? Thank you very much.

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Usually, if you can match the cable type and insulation, you can use about any manufacturer's data.

Conductor is? AL or CU?

Insulation is what material?

Conductor has how many strands?

Any electrical neutral or concentric ground?

Single Phase or 3 Phase?

Once you have this information, just go to any mfr. and match this. Your electrical characteristics should be close enough.


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