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I'm adding an additional muffler to my generator. What I need to connect it is a 1-1/2 inch 90 degree elbow. Any idea where I can find such a tube already made. I unfortunately do not have a tubing bender (yet).



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Try a muffler shop. They may have a stock part or be able to bend one up.

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Jim Levie

Get a weld-ell from a commercial plumbing supply. Weld the exhaust from

1-1/2" tube. Bugs
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Would this work?

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Jim & Hils

How tight of a bend/radius? I bought some 1.75" from an auto parts store. Last I checked they had a lot of "stock" bends for rod builders and such. If you are looking for a tight radius thats another thing. You might be able to go to any muffler; tell them your specs, and have them build you one. If you are looking for a tight bend you might check with a steel supplier, they also carry stock bends. Another source might be a conduit supplier.

Good Luck, hmHAT

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