Duplo train modifications?

We have one of the recent powered Duplo trains for my son. It may be nice to modify this train to make it a little more interesting (and extend the useful life). Some ideas: -Fix limited time (it stops after about two minutes) -Remote control (is that even possible?) -Remote sound (again, is that even possible?)

Has anyone taken this train apart? I took out the three screws, but the yellow cover is still very attached to the black base and I did not want to force it. I assume they are permanently snapped together...

Anyone have a smashed or broken "recent" powered duplo train? Would you be willing to post pictures online, email me pics, or sell it?

We also have an infant, so I can't start my 2 year old son into the new RC line yet.

PS, until I started googling for info on this train, I had no idea about the lego train culture. Truly amazing. I have wanted lego trains for over twenty years. Back in the days before the internet, we were pretty much stuck with kits that came to local stores. But now I can order almost anything and I get to play with them through my son...

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