Switching to Lego trains, your opinions???

I'm thinking about selling most all of our Legos and starting a new
collection of Lego trains. We have well over 100 pounds of used sorted
and unsorted blocks, wheels, windows and other pieces including
Technic parts. Also we have more than 500 mini-figures that I will
probably keep for the new train layout.
What is your opinion on selling that much Lego? Ebay in smaller lots?
You think I should try it all at once and hope for a local
(Chicagoland) buyer??? (shipping & packing this much would be costly &
time comsuming)
I know that I should probably just keep it all and use it in the train
layout but we have so much and a lot of it just wouldn't fit in the
plan. Also if you see what used Lego lots are going for on ebay right
now this would be a great $$ start on new train items! Prices are
averaging about $6-$7 per pound or more!
Any thoughts???
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Ebay or Brickshelf.
If you still have the instructions for much-sought-after sets and the pieces necessary to build them, you could sell those as kits. Better still if you have the boxes, too.
Otherwise there are two ways to go. Sell collections of related parts (plates/tiles, bricks, technic pieces, or by color, etc.) or just sell it by weight. The former takes longer because it requires sorting, but for many people it's a good way to get a lot of related parts quickly. If you have a lot of a certain piece, you could sell them in bulk. Selling by weight is the easy and quicker way, but it will cost more to ship per sale. It's really up to you. Both ways are usually profitable for the seller.
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Jordan Bradford
I live in Minnesota and have been dying to visit Chicago for quite some time. My wife has an aunt there as well. If you do end up selling it locally, please keep me on some sort of list to let me know how much you'll want for it all.
Thanks in advance,
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