Trouble closing Williams F1 Racer (8461) engine cover

I've just completed the Williams F1 Racer, lego 8461, and I love it! The only problem that I haven't been able to overcome (there was a problem with the instructions that I eventually worked around) is that the engine cover won't close. More precisely, it'll close, but it will not STAY down.

I've searched this group and seem the posting about the Silver Champion, and I've also read the lego FAQ and seen something similar to that posting. But I can't get that configuration to work. It seem to me that the cover needs something to HOLD it closed, and no configuration of the levers seems setup to do that.

If anyone can lend a hand and help explain to me how to keep this engine cover closed, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!


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this is from the lego website. hope it helps


The hood of my LEGO Williams F1 Team Racer (8461) does not close, what do I do now?

Please rebuild the chassis paying close attention to the two TECHNIC levers (with one round and two crossaxle-shaped holes), fitted on page

5, step 9.

These have to be at right angle to the rest of the chassis. Their position changes during some parts of the following construction, but on page 28, step 37, they have to be returned to the vertical position. Otherwise the hood will not close.

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