yellow bricks ... aged

anyone noticed yellow bricks looking different colors from different age and/or sunlight?

because when I was trying piece together a cargo van re #7735 instructions it was quite more difficult than usual as I was trying pick the bright yellow bricks out of a heap that it was no wonder I finally could complete the walls alone after more than 30 minutes I think :-S

the worst yellow I think is when it starts to look like a small speckles of orangeish-brown has been added to it -- anyone know what I mean?

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This is "normal" when left in sunlight for extended periods. I've heard reports that you can bleach the white ones and limited reports of colours being "bleached" back to their original colour. I'd try it one a small amount to start with though.

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Dean Earley

I haven't noticed it with yellow bricks.

But quite a few of my white bricks have been standing for much too long time in south-facing windows. The surfaces exposed to the sun have almost turned tan (pun not intended).

I can try to take a photo of a new white, a tan and a sun-exposed white brick for comparison, if anybody is interested.

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Jacob Sparre Andersen

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