1997 Mercury - door and trunk lock question

I have a 1997 Mercury where the ignition key has stopped working in the left door and trunk. It's true for all of our keys. They work in the ignition and right door, but not the left door or trunk.

Any thoughts as to why, and what to do, would be very much appreciated.


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if this is the 8 cut lock, its DIRTY inside and the wafer/s are hanging up.. VERY common in my area on trunks... usually happens to the right door lock... but, if the vehicle has set for a month, it happens.. and again in MY AREA, the lock has to come out and be disassembled to free it up, OR replaced.


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working in

They work in


lube with WD-40 and work your key in and out. if that doesn't work ? visit your local Locksmith shop.


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