Barnes & Company Old Safe-Need Help

I recently bought a 1900's early Barnes and Co. Safe. It has a Sargent and
Greeleaf Combo lock which works fine. My problem is there is a second set of
doors inside and someone took the lock off. I want to replace it but have no
idea what or where to get. It has 4 bolts that screw into the back of the
door with about a 7/8" hold on the bottom third of the area of the pattern.
It's about 3" wide by 2" high. Please Help!!!
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Action Jackson
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I'd need more exact measurements to be sure, but it certainly sounds like any standard-mount safe lock would fit. Walk into a locksmith shop that does safework with a more precise description, talk to them about what your real needs are (how much additional security you want, what kinds of attack you want to protect against, how much you're willing to pay) and they should be able to help you.
(Why is everyone so afraid to even ask for a no-cost opinion?)
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Joe Kesselman

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