Dog House locks(do not read)

Im an Opening Specialist and I am having a problem with a dawg house
I only open locks-Complete locksmithing is just too obsulete.
Aparently, someone has changed the lock on it and I do not have a key.
Whoever did it was drunk on Vodka.There is puke everywhere.
I'd like to make a nice set of bump keys-only for doghouses-actually I
am not very good at picking-read about it and I can vurtuelly pick any
lock, but this dawghouse is a real bitch.
Are there masterkeys for doghouses-a section master???
I would call the FD, but don't want that precious dog house destroyed
by a hooligan tool!!!
I dont want a bunch of dog house keys rattling in my tool bag.
I called a locksmith and told him about the doghouse-he got me confused
with some one named "Richard Cranium" then hung up.
Any help well apriciated.
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Deer Opening Spechalyst, The problim is obviyus. The drunken lockschnit who changed the lock on your doghouse must have been workign for your ex girlfriend, who owns the house and has the title on the property. Snce she is the legal and lawful onwer, he would have been trying to suggest that she use extra super secure locks with a igh value pick resistant keyway like Weiser, or Kwikset. Did you try the new Elektrik Vibrating PIck
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(do not open)? Guaranteed to open any lock in just seconds. If you want bump picks, that's easy enough. Any locksmith should sell you a compleat set for ten buckx. That is, if he dont try and raek you over the coals with the price markup. Just tell him your locked out of you car and he should be OK with htat. I no that is what I did the last time I wanted to buy complette set of picks from the guy. He wanted to come out and unlock the car for me but I tole him I dint want no broken glass.
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Stormin Mormon
Richard Cranium - oh thats good!
.:\:/:. +----------------------+ .:\:\:/:/:. | PLEASE DO NOT | :.:\:\:/:/:.: | FEED THE TROLL | :=.' - - '.=: | | '=(\ 9 9 /)=' | Thank you ... | ( (_) ) | | /`-vvv-'\ +-----------------------+ / \ | | @@@ / /|,,,,,|\ \ | | @@@ /_// /^\ \\_\ @x@@x@ | | |/ WW( ( ) )WW \||||/ | | \| __\,,\ /,,/__ \||/ | | | (______Y______)
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Dear Mormen, Funny you should bring up the elektrik vibrating pick. I did try it once afore my ex-gurlfriend (who was then my gurlfrend) Got ahold of it. Scince then I havet been ablle to find it. I think this has somethin to do wit her not bein my gurlfriend no more.
Ten Bucks?? that is a whole lot of muney.
I heard Home Depott sells bump keys for 5 bucks-seen it in the chattrom so i know its true.
But I may need them bekause Weiser and Kwicset are the hardest locks to pik. Thay must be real high kwality.
thanks for yor help.You sound almust like a lockshnith-huh.
Later, Opining Speshalist.
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Dear Openeng Speshilist, Keep shopping for th em bumpkeez. Five bukx is a good price, and you can get a relly good set to put in your coffee can with the other keys you bin triing. You can also get a good lock pik set from the car parts place and get into just about any car with the flat bar with he notches on the ends of it. I got one, and can open anything on the rode now. Yeah, boy, them Kwished locks are gud. But now I are a locksmith I cann open them about haff the time. Keep looking, you can find a set of bump keys to open your dog house real nice. I think I dated your ex gifl friend a couple years ago. We went to the movies and I thought she was ahving ar evival she kept waving her arms around and yell OH GOD over and over and the movie weren't nothing about God. I could tell she was haivng a spirit cause she was all hot and red and all. Kept saying how she was loving htem energizers. That a foot ball team?
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Stormin Mormon
mormin, i Thinc 5 bux is high.i dont understand wy biznesses buy stuff for 2 buxs and cell it for 10 bux! that ain't fair!! i think they shuld cell it for the same prise they get it at. then thay wood get real ricsh.
hmm, i dont evor remembar my gurlfrind evir actin like that-there was one tyme she was in the shouwer by hercellf and she said "oh god' and thin screemed reel loud. i came runnin and axed her wat waz the matTeR, and she tOLd me to settLe doun ann Shutt up. i thinck that got SUmethin to do wit hur not bein my gurlfrend no more.
yeah, that thing-i thinkx they call it a shim-jem.i hear thay open least thatz what the toe truCK drivir said the other night.
later, opinin speshAliSSt.
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If you can't beat 'em or ignore them, join them I guess?
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Hey, yah.Git me one of dem shim jim things too. Aint to much an you cn open anne car out thair with it. I no the cops says that to.
Cain't figure out them women no how, always yelling and stuff. She prollaby saw a spider or something. Doan pay it no nover mine, yer a good man.
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Stormin Mormon
Me suck??-Hah!!!!
It takes a doo-doo head to know one so there...
And you aparently really know well-so guess what? You are a BIGGER doo-doo head!-LOL
Or could it be Do-Do head???
ha ha ha LMAO,
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You ar e such a doo doo head that you don't even know much of a doo doo head you are. You double suck. If you didn't suck you wouldn't make any noise at all, except doo doo noises.
<sticks tongue out>
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