Found old Diebold key in my house

Hello all,
I recently moved into a very old house and found this old Diebold key
on top of one of the beams.
I hear all these stories about old houses with hidden stash.
The key has a number on the back. Any way I can find out if there is a
safe deposit box somewhere? Any other suggestions?
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It probably did or does fit a safe deposit box somewhere, but even if you knew which bank, and there was still stuff in the box, it does not belong to the holder of the key, access would only be granted to the box holder or his or her lawful heir with proper probate papers.
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Roger Shoaf
Even if you did find out where the safe deposit box was, you could still not gain access. It takes the key AND the box renter's signature. No signature, no access.
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Bob B.

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