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access to Clearstar? might add to the marketplace OR if you cant, and want it there I could put it there for you.


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Hate to be a spoilsport, but Ebay might not permit them. I've got a couple code books I'd be happy to sell, but havn't put forth the effort, yet.

thanks for asking for proof of being in the trade. Good idea.

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Stormin Mormon

I have for sale used Reed General Code books Volume 1 to 12, also Padlock Books 1 to 5. I plan on listing them on Ebay next weekend (Nov 11th). Before I do I will offer them for sale on alt.locksmith for any reasonable offer. If anyone is interested email me an offer to action4atsaskteldot net. I will need proof that you are indeed an locksmith by trade before any deal on be agreed on.

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The "paper" codes really aren't worth that much anymore. Everybody's using computerized codes now. (My personal preference is "Codes On Line" by Blackhawk.)

I gave my National Locksmith code books (HPC knockoffs), away about four years ago to a locksmith who was just getting started.

(What goes around comes around)

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Bob DeWeese, CML, CPS, CJS

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