funny call

local car dealer called, needed keys made for a 95 Nissan they
They got a big lot, and I asked WHERE is the car at?
He didnt know, off hand, hold on, would ask...
came back, and said would I make a house call?
Sure I said, where the vehicle...??
New Mexico, somewhere there....
I said SURE!!!!
(I am in Missouri)
(He declined, drat(

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Had a lady the other week ask if I could come take a padlock off her shed hasp. I noticed that the number on the call display had "303" as the area code prefix. I asked her where she was calling from?
She said Saskatchewan. (That's over 400 miles away!)
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Darren Ingleson
Isn't that the reason you spent all of your profits for your Webpages and Yellow Pages, to promote your business as worldwide and international. "A Anywhere Anytime Anyprice Anycustomer Accredited Alocksmith Service" Listing in the yellowpages AAAAAAA Locksmith Service 1st in the phone book "Better then none"
Steve the Griller
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