Help Locked Out Of Bathroom (Push Button Style)

I'm currently locked out of my bathroom. The door knob has a round
hole on the outside, there are no mounting screws on the outside. The
lock is the type where when on the inside of the bathroom you push a
button in to lock it. How can I get myself back in ?
When I stick a screwdriver in, it feels like it is spring loaded with
something inside.
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I'm used to the turnpiece type. In those, you stick a very thin screwdriver in, feel for the slot, engage it and turn to release the button. I would expect something similar in this one. Experiment a bit and you should be able to figure it out.
(Yeah, I know, this is on the edge of "opening instructions" -- but I think privacy latches don't count as locks, especially since the instructions and a suitable tool come in the box when you buy it.)
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Joe Kesselman
I'm not a locksmith, but I think all you have to do is push something small enough but stiff enough and blunt enough into the hole, like an allen wrench or some such. I think you can just push pretty gently.
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Mike Easter

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