Name of a decorative door part that surrounds the inside knob and latch?

I have an entry door that has 2 keyed locks. One a deadbolt the other a
keyed knob,
The inside of the door has a rectangular vertical metal plate which
surrounds the inside knob and turnlatch for the deadbolt.
What is the metal plate called?
Is the distance between the two holes a standard distance?
Can new ones be purchased in a locksmith's shop or on the internet?
Thanks for your help
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this a Schlage brand lock? just for Curiosity.. open the door and see if there is not on the edge of the door, a tall metal plate recessed into the edge, slightly taller than the distance between the door knob and dead bolt..
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If it is just a decorative plate the name is an escutchion. However on some locks this is more than a decorative plate it is functional. It mught have a mechanism to retract the dead bolt when you turn the knob.
"Standard" is a difficult term to define. Diferent manufacturers use different spacings and hole diameters. Fortunatly most of these plates can still be had.
Yes, you can usually find these at your local locksmith shop, the internet may be kind of hit and miss. Best thing to do would be to bring in the old one to match up.
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Roger Shoaf

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