Needed; Vending machine lock

Hi Guys; I've got a customer that has a broken "T" handle vending
machine lock (The stationary part pulled apart) My supplier used to
carry them but they tell me that Chicago discontinued the line.
And PUH-Lease Don't bother suggesting lame solutions like a hasp and
padlock or bar, or any of those other tacky so-called fixes. That is NOT
an option. If worse comes to worse I'll find a junk machine to take the
parts off of, buy I'd rather get new.
Thank YOu in advance
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T30112 KA ESP Bauer T Handle KA SCL06 In Stock 1/EACH $9.55
T30112 KA1343 ESP Bauer T Handle KA 1343 Available - Please Call 1/EACH $9.55
T30134 KA ESP Bauer T Handle KA In Stock 1/EACH $9.55
T HANDLE HPC T Handle Lock For Kekabs Excellent Stock 1/EACH $42.95
5364 PARKER T Handle Chrome Excellent Stock 1/EACH $10.96
These LIST prices are for all the T Handles from my supplier
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5005 Gulf Freeway Houston
The HPC is the one you want. They have plenty.
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Glen Cooper
supplier used to
a hasp and
fixes. That is NOT
machine to take the
maybe one of these links may help ?
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