Old padlocks (well, maybe just replicas)

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I came across these today and bought all 4 of them pretty cheap. I think
they are replicas, but they are still very cool. The largest one is bigger
then any padlock I have ever seen =) (I put M1 masterlock keys next to them
for a size comparison) BTW, is there a way to pick these things? Im sure I
need special tools. Maybe a bent screwdriver might do? I'll tell you
something though, if I didn't know anything about locks and I was told to
choose if I want the smallest one of these or a No. 1 Master locks.....I
would probibly go with the smaller one of these. It just feels and looks
like a tougher lock. =)
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Paul M.
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Nice set of locks there ;-)
Yes it is possible to pick them, they appear to be common lever locks.
Beyond that, I cant reveal anymore here in the open forum.
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Well, if you wouldn't mind speaking privately about it my e-mail is snipped-for-privacy@hotmailNOSPAM.com (just take out the NOSPAM) -Paul
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Paul M.
I'll tell you
I doubt the shackle is as tough, nor would it survive a beating with a hammer as long as the Master.
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Roger Shoaf
Note that locks of this sort are still being manufactured, and used, in places where precision manufacturing costs more and hand labor costs less. I've seen some rather nice ones imported from India, for example; my own collection includes a heart-shaped lock with a "feathered" key. I've debated trying to find out who imported those; I know some folks in the leather-and-chains crowd and I suspect there's a serious untapped market there.
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Joe Kesselman (yclept Keshlam
It is ill-mannered, inconsiderated and bad form to post a test message in a non-test news.group.
Apologizing in advance doesn't help. (Rather it shows that you know you are doing something wrong.)
However, if you need to test (and you don't want to do it in a test group) there is a way to do it so that nobody knows you are testing:
Just post a (short) helpful/informative posting. You know it is a test, but everyone else will just think you helped them out of the goodness of your heart!
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Henry E Schaffer

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