Problem with a Bladwin lock

I have a problem with the Baldwin lock on my front door. I do not know
the model number. It was installed in the past 20 years. I looked at
some sites to identify it, but do not find an exact match. It is
similar to the Atlanta model shown here:
formatting link

The lock is a mortise lock. On the outside there is a hand grip and
thumb piece above it and a key cylinder above the thumb piece. On the
inside there is a round knob and a key cylinder above it. Looking at
the door edge, there is a deadbolt near the top, a latch mechanism
(don't know the real name of this part) below, and two buttons below
the latch mechanism. If the bottom button is pushed, the thumb piece
on the outside of the door can be pressed down to open the door if the
deadbolt is not engaged.
The problem is that when the thumb piece on the outside is pressed
down, it draws in the latch mechanism, but leaves about ¼ inch of the
latch protruding outside the door. The inside knob can be twisted to
withdraw the latch almost all the way into the door. The latch is free
to move because it can be pressed in easily with your finger.
Before I tear into the lock, can anyone offer guidance as to what is
wrong and how best to proceed ?
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Paul Ferguson
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methinks you got a case of 'old age'.. EITHER the thumb piece you push down is worn, OR the piece that it PUSHES is worn.,. EITHER WAY.. you need parts.. so, I would 'find the factory website' and talk to them.. preferably by PHONE.. you are going to need a blown up diagram of internal parts.. these things have lots of pieces so if you are NOT of a GOOD (IMO) mechanical mind, DO NOT disassemble it yourself..get experienced help..IE-a locksmith.
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If you've got reasonably good mechanical sense an a modicum of coordination, you ought to be able to diagnose this. The obvious possibilities are either an accumulation of dirt (so parts are just reluctant to move as far as they should) or wear/breakage (so parts simply are no longer able to travel as far as they should).
If you're lucky, it's the former and you'll be able to clean it enough to get it back into operation. If not, life gets Interesting; you can probably get replacement parts from Baldwin but you may need to work through a locksmithing supplier or locksmith to order 'em.
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Joe Kesselman
Thanks. I looked at how to take in apart and was not completely sure what to remove. I squirted some graphite powder in the thumb piece opening and it seems to be fixed. I should have tried this first, but it did not seem like the usually sticking problem.
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Paul Ferguson

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