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I am in the process of purchasing a new gun safe and wonder if the
digital lock is better than the dial type. They are both S&G with the
digital being a $200 upgrade. Also, is the Omega fire rating a better
indicator than a factory rating. The reason I ask is I almost had a lockout
on my old safe (more like a cabinet and not really worth the cost of a
service call). I was able to get it open and found that one of the tumblers
had moved one number. After I reset the combination and got it working I
realized that it was all too easy to open with a few tools, therefore a more
secure safe is in order.
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They are both S&G with the
You have made my point. Mechanical locks will die over time, but usually die a slow death giving you plenty of warning and a competent safe man can usually get one open if it does fail without drilling it.
With the digital locks they tend to die with no warning, they tend to require major surgury to open and then you get to buy a whole new lock and have the box repaired.
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Roger Shoaf
safe is as safe as the WEAKEST area..
a $200 upgrade to a push button lock WILL NOT HELP, if all it takes to get through the side is a cut off wheel.. --Shiva--
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yeah, there is that serious issue as well.. it works, it works, it works-it dont work.. so not only do you get a new lock, but a welder in to fix the door..
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you would be better off with a mechanical as apposed to a digital. when the digital fails, it does so without warning.
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Digital has advantages if you need:
- multiple users, possibly with different access privilages - frequent combination changes - time delay before opening (possible in mechanical locks but costs more and may have some reliability issues of its own) - high security against tampering (manipulation-proof, and many digitals respond to a series of wrong combinations by disabling themselves for 15 minutes or so to make opening by guess harder)
The main downside, as others have noted, is that when a digital lock fails (which isn't all that common, but nothing's perfect), it fails suddenly and fails hard.
A *good* gun safe will have a decent lock and provide some protection for the lock -- but let's be serious here: gun safes are designed to have large storage volume _at_the_expense_of_ high security. If you need tamper-resistant storage of large items like long guns, they're great. If you need serious burglary protection, then something that large is going to co$t $ome $eriou$ buck$... so what you may want to do is let the gun safe keep the guns, and buy a smaller but more serious safe to protect real valuables.
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Joe Kesselman
I'm thinking that upgrade should only be about $100.00. If your spending a lot of $$$ and you want the digital lock (It is more convenient), try to negotiate the price.
A mechanical lock should last forever with proper maintenance.
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Bob B.

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