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So, who can afford it any more? Where's the expensive stuff, what's the
price where you are? Who's doing this to us? Sound off!
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"Stormin Mormon" <cayoung61-#spamblock*> wrote in message news:J1CWe.97734$
add photo ? this is a text only group.
pass on as an added business expense. understandable..
probably Calf.
reg: $2.65.9
who always does it to us ?
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Or perhaps the major oil companies are raising their prices enough to keep their same revenues when selling a lesser amount of product.
David Ames
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David Ames
God forbid they try to keep their revenues up. I know I don't. I'm simply out here working real hard trying to go out of business.
They are most probably an oligopoly, which bothers me some, but I know the OPEC cartel is an oligopoly. It's illegal in the US, should be world-wide, but I guess that is what war is for.
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Bob B.

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