Star Safe Model E8H

My company was recently given an old Star Safe, model# E8H. However the company that gave us this safe did not have the combination as they had expierienced alot of turnover in their office and consequently the combination was lost. We have contacted a lock smith but he wants to drill it. We would like to use this safe and not destroy it. Any help is greatly appreciated.


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PROPER drilling, and the afterwards repair does NOT destroy it.. if you want a second opinion, then go to

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look for a safe man near you, or
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and post in the public section..


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when he finishes drilling and repairs his damage. you will be able to use it. you shouldn't even be able to tell where he drilled it..

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Drilling it won't destroy it. If it's done right it will be more secure after drilling and repair than it was before. It's probably your best option. You aren't going to get the combo from a serial or anything like that.

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