Strap Wrench KIK Bypass.

OK heres a down and dirty dirt simple trick for forcing many key in knob
type locksets. Get a large strap wrench. What's a strap wrench? What the
fuck do you mean what's a strap wrench? How in the hell can your dumb ass
not know that? OK just fucking with you. Here's a strap wrench:
formatting link

Now take the strap wrench and fit it over the knob and put plenty of force
on it. Yeah I know you're saying duh really? Yes really. There are people
like Evan the maintenance moron turned college student on this forum who
will say I am full of it if I don't post all the damn details. Most knobs
will give to this trick, turning and retracting the latch. Yes this destroys
the lock. Who cares? When you want in you want in. Vise grips and pliers
will sometimes work but they tend to slip. The strap wrench will really grip
and exert full force on the knob. So will your knob locks stand up to this
little trick? I doubt it.
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