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Is a joke. You dudes that don't get it are a trip. Just look at the bike lock thread if ya need an example. It's a joke. It don't work. It just keeps people in the dark and makes it easier to rip from em. It also keeps alot of dudes with crap products to sell in business too, like that dude on here that's always talkin about kwikset and titan and other BS locks I can be through in less than a minute with a freakin paperclip and a pair of tweezers pushin or pullin on the plug while I pick it. The knob lock shit is even worse just search on kwikset cylinder removal if ya dont believe me. Total junk. garbage. otta be out a business. Yall need to get a clue. Ya can't keep it secret. Stead a screamin at the manufacturers that make the shit you guys scream at any dude that dares point out that it's shit and why it is.

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Will Watts
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LMAO Man oh man are you wasting your time. These secret squirrels live by this S by O nonsense. Everything to do with bypassing a lock is a deep dark f****ng secret with these guys.

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I think the basic tenent that the forum adheres to is well intentioned but individual case applications can certainly be questioned. I was curious about the bike lock thing and found five or six videos of the locks being defeated in about a minute of "googling." It therefore seems like this defeat is public knowledge. At the same time, if the forum encourages a discussion on this subject, the forum can quickly be a forum full of fifteen year bike theives.


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Stuart Friedman

SbyO is BS. It doesn't work. That's just the way it is.

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SbyO works well sometimes. Sometimes it works less well. Sometimes is is *really* misguided. Depends on the situation and circumstances.

*That* is the way it is - and failure to understand this shows a lack of understanding of the big picture.
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Henry E Schaffer

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