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does anyone know how to pick the new higher security tubular locks such as the Ace II, or the Greenwald. I have a 7 pin pick and an 8 pin pick cant pick these locks, any suggestions?


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jeff barger
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The Greenwald (which is used on a lot of coin operated washers.........) requires a special pick or at least one that takes it's special design into consideration.

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I got the HPC pick some years ago with the long white handle. I havn't been able to pick even one with it. there was some other brand that works better, but can't think of it.

Wish I knew more. I usually drill them off.

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Stormin Mormon

greenwald- there was a pick made by Custom Security Products (CSP) . I don't know if they are still in business . I haven't heard from them in years,

Any body Know?

Ace II The springs are heavyier and some are "random strength" + there may be serrated pins (kinda like mushroom drivers) making it a little harder to pick.

I have only used the CSP successfully on any "ace lock" ,the head clamps very tightly on the centerpost allowing you to pull and seperate the core from the plug by a small anmout . I am not sure my terminolgy is correct for tubular locks but in a standard key-in kob that is what the same partss are called. by pulling the plug apart and then picking the ace II can be picked .

Good luck

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I pick 7 pin ace and ace 2's with the HPC TLPC Model B pick easily. Just as you said, I'm not sure about some of the terminolgy but I don't think I know what the Greenwald is. Just with any picking for me, as soon as I got one or two open and got the feel for it, they come open a lot easier. My troubles are with 8 pin's. No luck at all with those.

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Unless I'm confusing them with someone else, I believe CSP melted down. They were getting rather desperate to make sales toward the end -- making high-pressure cold calls on past customers who had explicitly said we'd rather be contacted by mail. If my reaction was typical, that may have actually caused them to go under faster; I liked some of their products but was getting Really Annoyed with their assumption that I had nothing better to do with my time than listen to a sales pitch.

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Joe Kesselman (yclept Keshlam

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