Bring Back the HP 15C Scientific Calculator

Please forgive this intrusion, I thought someone in your field
(engineering, math, or science) might be interested in this.
There is an effort underway to get Hewlett Packard to start making the
15C, or a similar model again. A web site with a petition has been
setup. If you are like the others who have already given their support,
and would love to have a well made calculator like the 15C available
again, please take a moment to go to the web site and sign the petition.
If you are not familiar with the HP 15C, the web site will tell you
more about it and why it is the best scientific calculator for everyday
use. At least one member of the calculator planning department at HP is
sympathetic to the cause, and will argue the case to those who make the
decisions, however, many more signatures are needed, so please tell
anyone you know who would also benefit from a quality calculator like
the 15C, to check out the web site.
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