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Our local governement is finally realising that the tourism industry is no longer the only valid source of employment and profit in the Bahamas and is encouraging local business to manufacture products normally imported from countries around the world. We are currently the largest distributor of grocery bags, t-shirt bags etc.. in the Bahamas and we are jumping into the manufacturing process of these items head-first, well not quite head first but we are currently researching the feasability of manufacturing over distribution. We have decided against extrusion due to local expenses in elecrtical and fuel costs and have decided to start with conversion of film to finished product, plain and printed. We have our machinery located, specs, and delivery. To shorten this up I am looking for suppliers of film and Ink to produce the product. We will be running grocery carry out bags, t-shirt bags, clear poly bags from 1.25 mil to 4.0 mil. I am looking for recomendations on film grade, pricing and availability. Thank you for any input you can give and look forward to hearing from you soon. Phil

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