Arc length method

I am using arc length method (version of Simo) for solving non-linear
set of equations.
The problem I am facing is near the limit point, my code starts
I have made sure that the sign of root I am choosing at the first
iteration is correct.
If anyone has an idea please let me know.
Any help is appreciated.
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Hi there- you might let us know what the set of equations you are using is...
mohankul wrote:
Which limit point you are talking about (0, infinity, some specific number or point on the plane or vector in 3-space, or complex number...)
And you might try posting to sci.math or alt.math
It could be that the method you are using is simply not appropriate for the system, or there is a singularity at the limit point (in which case, *any* method should diverge). There could be other problems as well- there's no way to tell without knowing more about your specific problem.
cheers- Eric
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Might I suggest that an even better place to ask this question would be on sci.math.num-analysis
Good Luck Paul D Oosterhout I work for SAIC (but I don't speak for SAIC)
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Paul O

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