please help in finding approx. values

Hello This is Manish Sharma from India. I am a POWER ENGINEER. Presently I am working in a 3x25mw waste heat recovery power plant in a

major steel company. I am responsible to check the planned steam piping losses of our power plant.My steam piping length is 1.1km (plus expansion loops) and my requirement at the CSEV of turbine is 64ata & 480deg C .The boiler outlet pressure is 67kg/sq. cm (abs.) The flow of steam is 125tonnes/hr

Please suggest me the:

1.Pipe sizing 2.Pressure losses and temperature losses. 3.material of pipe.

Thanks & Regards

Manish Sharma

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manish sharma
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these are certainly questions one would ask of a mechanical engineer. So I guess your background is electrical?



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Brian Whatcott

so much for correct & consistent use of the metric system :)

I'll answer part 3......steel

I'll also answer part 1....I'd start with 12" WAG & iterate....the answer is probably smaller

sounds like you need an ME experienced in steam generation, this would be pretty basic stuff for him (or her)

don't you have an ME on staff?

cheers Bob

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manish sharma

Hopefully someone competent in India has oversight of this little project ;-)

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