Professional Engineering License

Has anyone out there recently taken the Mechanical Professional Engineering
Certification test? If so, did you use Lindenburg's 11th edition handout of
solved problems? I would be interested to hear if you thought it was worth
Thanks in advance for your help!
John Wetherbee
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I took the exam and passed after studying the 10th edition. I would highly recommend it. The local ASME chapter got a great deal on the book, solutions manual, practice exam, and quick reference, plus they (ASME) held an 8 week review session hosted by university professors and industry experts (all PEs). If memory serve correct, the whole thing costed about $225. Check your ASME chapter and see if they provide something similar.
I highly recommend the book. If I could offer any advice it would be to practice as many problems as you can!!! Speed is the key to passing the new exam format.
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