Re: [Q] Problem creating data files in ABAQUS/Explicit user subroutine VUMAT

Dear Wim,
I am using the syntax
open(16,file='path and filename',position='append')
write(16,*) Lot,po(Lot),pu(Lot)
in Abaqus Standard. I advise you to post your question
in the Abaqus mailing list :
formatting link

Good luck,
Wim VAN PAEPEGEM schrieb:
> I am working with ABAQUS 6.3-4 on a Sun Workstation. I am writing the
> user-defined subroutine VUMAT for use with ABAQUS/Explicit for dynamic > analyses.
> In this subroutine VUMAT, I would like to write several results to my
> own data files. To that purpose, I have tried several ways to create
> my own data files, but none of them succeeded.
> 1) in the ABAQUS/Standard User's Manual Volume III, section 24.1.1, it
> is written that debug output can be written to FORTRAN unit 6 (.dat)
> or 7 (.msg). You don't need to open the file.
> In the section 4.1.23 of the online manual ABAQUS Input files, this is
> shown indeed in the example FORTRAN files, where they simply use the > statement:
> WRITE(7,*) 'This is the user output'
> but it doesn't work with me.
> 2) in the ABAQUS/Standard User's Manual Volume III, section 24.1.1, it
> is also written that you can use FORTRAN units 15 through 18 or units
> greater than 100. These units have to be opened and closed by the > user.
> If I enter the following FORTRAN code in VUMAT.F:
> & FILE='/space/wim/abaqus/rotating_cylinder_2D/report',
> I get no runtime errors and the file is indeed created in my
> directory, but once that I try to write to this file, I get the error > code:
> /opt/ABAQUS/6.3-4/exec/package.x: fatal: relocation error:
> file /tmp/wim_rotcyl2d_30
> 50/ symbol __s_wsFe_pv: referenced symbol not found >
> 3) finally I tried the UEXTERNALDB subroutine, but that doesn't work > either.
> This subroutine is only discussed in the manual for ABAQUS/Standard,
> where you have to include the statement:
> include ''
> in the subroutine UEXTERNALDB. I changed this into:
> include ''
> for dynamic simulations.
> The routine compiles, but once I declare a OPEN-statement, I get an
> error. Further I am not sure how to call this subroutine. Do you need
> an explicit call to the subroutine, or it is automatically called each
> time that the user subroutine VUMAT is called ?
> If anybody knows *some* way of opening user files (it does not really
> matter which method works), please let me know.
> Best regards,
> Wim Van Paepegem
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