To bend aluminium

Hello everybody,
I want to bend a piece of aluminum (AU4G) : width 20 mm and thickness 3
mmm. The internal radius is 2 mm.
What is the best method to keep all the strength of my piece after bending ?
- cold bending,
- hot bending, which temperature. In this case, do I have to plunge it
in cold water juste after bending ?
Is there a big difference between these two methods ?
Other method ?..
Thank you for your help.
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Intuitively, I think hot bending is the best method. Find some material information about your alloy to check what happens with the microstructure at increased temperature.
Quenching with cold water: I don't think so. That'll probably make the material properties and finish worser.
Med venlig hilsen / Best regards Martin Jørgensen
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Martin Jørgensen

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