2:1 gear box ?

I have a right angle gear box with 1" shafts which I am using to make a firewood saw bench which will run off the PTO of my tractor. The gear box is a 2:1 ration. 2 pinion turns = 1 ring gear turn. Can I use this the opposite way and put power into the ring gear shaft and run my saw pulleys off of the pinion gear shaft. Can these gearboxes be used either way or does the power have to enter through the pinion gear? Thanks

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You do this all the time in your car when you decelerate. Seems to work just fine.

The question for you is: does your PTO have enough torque to operate your saw? The current setup has a two-to-one reduction so torque is doubled (ignoring losses). Going the other way, your torque is cut in half.

Another question comes to mind. Will the shafts connect to the PTO? How long do you intend to run the double speed and what is that speed? If you run 440 rpm in and get 880 out, will this be enough speed for the saw?


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