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Some of you may remember that I promised to get my Dodge motorhome on
the road by spring. Well spring is here and a mans word is his bond!
I had to give up on getting that dumb sob to rebuild the transmission.
I did it myself after watching a few youtube videos and saying more
than a few hail Croms. It seems to be good now except for some minor
slippage on takeoff. Thats normal I think after a rebuild right? If
not I guess Ill try some additives which should firm it right up
according to posts Ive read. Anyway its time to plan some trips but
as always cash is tight..... very tight...... Ive not been able to
get a few of the motorhomes amenitees working so far......shrug. So
Ill be looking for places to visit where I can trade some treasures
for a good meal and a place to shower and take a dump. If you can
donate a few pesos for gas expect extra treasures! Place your orders
now its first come first served on the Gunner family vacation
tour! Heres a picture of the old girl all fixed up and ready for the
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Yeah I know she still needs a
bit of spit and polish but I promise to get to that by summer.....
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Gunner Asch
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What are the odds that the old POS motor home's appearance today is WORSE than when it first joined your collection of yard ornaments SIXTEEN years ago? LOL Is there the slightest chance that thing will EVER be on the road again? Yes, on a hook, en route to the scrapyard you rescued it from.
"I bought this thing for $1.00 about 2002 or so. Ive repeated the story many times..but the crux of it was I got it..used it a couple times...the wife drove it and a block away from the blew something in the transmission. So she backed it home and parked it."
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I take it from that ridiculous attempt at diversion that you did NOT keep your promise to have the junker motor home on the road this spring.
From last July: "Bet you a grand it will be on the road in 9 months. Ready to pay up when I post pictures?"
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You didn't have a grand then or now, and the POS is still being used as a moldy storage shed, right? Or has it already gone to the scrapyard?
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Got a Feelin'
Any employer that needed Gunner's skill set wouldn't care if he was wanted in seven states and was bangin' his wife!
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Tom Gardner
Perhaps you think he's applying for a job in the Trump administration.
BS It's easy these days to know an applicant's bent, and the majority of employers increasingly make the effort.
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"Think twice before ranting about your boss on Twitter or posting drinking photos from your weekend on Facebook. It could cost you your job. According to a CareerBuilder study, 70 percent of employers use social media to screen job candidates before hiring them, up from 60 percent in 2016 and 11 percent in 2006. Many employers are also going a step further. Nearly 70 percent of hiring managers are using online search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing to research candidates as well."
That's in addition to the normal screening for creditworthiness etc. No normal employer filling good jobs knowingly hires documented deadbeat liars. Nor do they knowingly hire people with spotty work histories, especially if those people are obviously padding their resumes. Aerospace experience from a guy who sleeps in his minivan? LOL And this may come as a shock to you, but half the country are the Democrats Wieber wants to hang. It's not a good idea to hire a gun nut who's openly advocated the killing of half the company's employees.
Those are facts that Wieber is simply too self-destructively stupid to accept.
Anyway, the proof is in the pudding. Wieber has been trying unsuccessfully to find a job for several YEARS! What do you suppose the problem is? He pretends it's his age. As if getting older is going to fix that. His future is clear. Continued impoverishment at the same time he's boasting about "the Trump economy", and soon whining that his pitiful SS doesn't cover the bills. Not that he'll be collecting many checks considering his derelict lifestyle.
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Got a Feelin'
When he got the van he could have picked up a good used transmission for under $200. That would be getting harder by the day.
Quite possibly not worth the $200 today to fix it - they tend to deteriorate quickly when left sitting.
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Clare Snyder

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