AIRCO AC/DC Heliwelder V

I have taken my used 1988 AIRCO (ESAB) welder panels off before

attempt to fire it up. I find that the interface board (PCB) has blown axial capacitor (Nichicon 470uf63v). Well I tried the PC exchange place (ARC Products) and find they do not have this board, no does ESAB. Okay now what do I do, I can epoxy the burnt sections of th board, replace the blown capacitor, and solder jumper wires for th severed contact strips. Has anyone done this themselves? If so wha should I be careful with? What would have caused the capacitor to blow Is there something else that I should be checking (ie. capacito controls ???). Thanks for any help you can provide

-- hd_74al

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If this was a Tantalum capacitor used for power supply bypassing, they do this when fired up after a long period of disuse. The US military finally had to require fuses be built into all tantalum caps to prevent this kind of damage. They fail to a near short, and burn.

Get an Aluminum electrolytic, they usually fail in a much more graceful manner, and usually don't give such problems after a few years of idleness.


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Jon Elson

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