Any Army guys remember the PS Magazine for preventive maintenance?

Any Army guys remember the PS Magazine for preventive maintenance? Lots
of tips on maintaining military vehicles, weapons and other equipment.
Here is a partial archive of issues:
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Michael A. Terrell
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Boy-o-boy I sure do. Spent many idle hours reading them in the Motor Pool in Korea. When I served in the 70's, Jeeps were real Jeeps, not these new-fangled Hu mvees!
As the 2nd Infantry Division's Courier, I drove a daily 100-mile loop in my Jeep, from Tongduchon to the DMZ, delivering each Brigade's mail and movie s. Mostly dirt roads and mountain trails at the time.
My Jeep was tricked out with a hard-to-get canvas top/doors, and a crossed- flag signal company spare-tire cover that boasted: "You've seen the rest, now meet the best". 122nd Signal Battalion.
Nice thing about being the courier was that my issued weapon was a .45cal p istol, not an M16. When I walked into any of the many local bars, as was o ften the case on the trip home, the .45 strapped to my hip always elicited extra respect from the hookers.
Also, the MPs never messed with the courier jeep. Wherever I was headed, th e pedal was always to the metal.
As I recall, PS magazine often used a couple of hot bikini-clad chicks in t he cartoons to keep us kids reading, one Caucasian blondie, one African Ame rican gal. They were fine fantasy material for any 18-year old. Might eve n have learned something from them.
Thanks for the link to old memories. Good times.
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Heh. The MPs tried to screw with WeatherVision at FT. Rucker. Every one that tried, learned a hard lesson whenever they tried to stop me from doing my job.
You're welcome. There is a lot of metal working tips in the older issues, when they couldn't get enough parts in Korea.
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Michael A. Terrell
Not just Army guys. I was a civilian employee at an Army R&D lab, and used to love going through those magazines.
Thanks, DoN.
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DoN. Nichols
You're welcome. Anyone who really does metalworking, or maintains their own vehicles can learn a lot of useful tricks in that archive. There is a fair amount of information on all types of weapons, from handguns to tanks. :)
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Michael A. Terrell

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