Assembling bomber seats for hot rod

I?m rebuilding a 37 Chevy truck. I found some aluminum bombers sea
ts as a kit that I need to rivet together
Copper tones are in the paint for the exterior and we are wondering about u
sing copper rivets to assemble the seats as an accent
With the corrosive nature of copper and aluminum would this be a viable opt
ion or should we stay clear and use aluminum rivets? Considering I live in
a dry desert climate in the southwest humidity won?t be a factor a
nd the truck interior will stay clean. Could I clear coat over it to prote
ct the metals or would they just react anyway
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I's clear coat the aluminum, rivet with copper, and clear over -
In a dry climate you will likely get quite a few years even without the clear
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Clare Snyder
Why not use aluminum rivets? You could even make them yourself out of aluminum rod.
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Paul Drahn
"t using copper rivets to assemble the seats as an accent"
Aluminum on aluminum is not an "accent"
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Clare Snyder
In a dry climate you probably won't need to worr. But just in case you can apply special paint to the rivets and/or rivet holes prior to riveting. There are paints made just for this purpose. I have done this for aircraft work and had to use special epoxy paint specified by Boeing. But there are much less expensive epoxy paints and other paints that will work. Just Google it. Eric
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