Austrian mfr of Unimat 1 (clone?)

I was told that the Unimat 1 (or a clone of it, whatever that means)
is now made by a company named Manfred Heidl in Austria. I've been
unable to find a website for this company. Does anything know anything
about it? One reason I'm interested in knowing this is that if I do
purchase a Unimat 1 from a US Distributor (e.g. Edmund Scientific,
or maybe a cheaper source) not that I can afford one at the moment,
and it turns out to be defective, I might find myself in the position
of having to deal with the manufacturer. So, I think it is better to
inform myself about the company before making such a purchase.
I know how most people feel about the Unimat 1, and I share that feeling,
but there is no harm in informing myself.
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Allan Adler
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