Bob Cad post processor

Bob Cad post processor
I bought Bob Cad version 20 the other day and I cannot seem to
get it to translate to the conversational Anilam 3300 controller
on my miller. I got a post off to their support staff but have
heard nada back yet. My problem is that the Anilam "Arc" command
consists only of "X" co-ords, "Y" co-ords, "Z" co-ords, and
radius and almost every Arc command produced by the Bob Cad post
processor (for the "conversational Anilam 3000" controller,)
consists of "X" co-ords, "Y" co-ords, "Z" co-ords, and radius
and a cutter comp command and a feed speed.
The only thing I have been able to do is to go through the
program and find every arc and replace it with an anilam
generated arc command or use my Word Perfect and go through and
edit out all these comp and feed commands.
Anyone know the solution. Is it an incorrect setting that I have
made or is it just a bad Post Processor?
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