A sad day

Today I went to fill out a police report.
One Jackson hood with NexGen EQC lens
One two horse Sears compressor (the old quiet one)
One new 9527 Makita grinder
One new 9501B Makita grinder
One Toro leaf blower
Chances of recovery ............ between none and zero. My daughter is a
PO, and son in law is in the intelligence department. Both have told me
chances are slim.
Bottom line ............. secure your stuff.
Scum is everywhere.
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On the bright side, they caught some guy and his wife with over a half million in stolen equipment stashed all over their home. They were selling it off on Ebay. 70 % of the stuff was returned to the owners.
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SteveB wrote:
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Albert Finley
Go to te nearest pawn shop. Be your own detective. Thieves pawn this stuff before it is ever reported to police. If you find it don't be surprised if you have to buy it back from pawn thief. Check your local craigs list and ebay for awhile.
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daniel peterman
The good news is: YOU GET TO GET NEW STUFF!!! Trust me, I feel your pain, I'm out 20k$ this year due to thefts. I've had to bolster my perimeter and am putting in a DVR surveillance system. I know that feeling in the pit of your stomach. Go to the shooting range and visualize.
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Tom Gardner
On Sun, 18 Sep 2005 15:12:24 GMT, with neither quill nor qualm, "Tom Gardner" quickly quoth:
WHAT? You don't have that system installed and guarding you YET? Hell, Tom, for $5k + flight/cheap_hotel/vehicle + DVR system, I'll fly out there and put it in -for- you.
If the DHS allows me to fly. One never knows nowadays.
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Larry Jaques
For half that and a bus ticket I'll come down with my riot gun and camp out in there for a couple of weeks..
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Heck, I would charge you nothing and pay for my own travel, if you guarantee I can shoot a thief!
Corpse removal and disposal, I would have to charge for. Than again, you might just want to string him up. Sort of like a scarecrow for thieves.
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Sorry to hear of your loss Steve... How about dropping me an email (granpaw) at my home. I went though a windows reinstall circus last week and lost all my "freinds".
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When I've had thefts, the police attitude was "that's what insurance is for". Insurance is undoubtedly cheaper than the legal defense against a lawsuit for not helping the bastards load their truck if you catch them in the act.
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Don Foreman
Tell me about it! I had a policeman ask: "What do you want us to do about it?" And I had told him who did it - not by name, but by connection that they *could* have followed! Bob
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Bob Engelhardt
one of the best deterrants I have found is motion detectors that trigger the sprinkler system in the yard. amazing what a whole lot of water can do. been thinking of linking a system to a sniffer to keep the graffiti artists at bay as well.
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Doug Schultz
Doug, Now you have gone and done it! :) Is it not argued these days that graffiti is a free form of artistic expression? You are curtailing their freedom of expression by not allowing the punks to deface your property.
Seriously, it would not surprise me if some scumbag lawyer already went this route.
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And Slim rode out of town at high noon yesterday....
(Sorry, I tried, but I couldn't resist that one.)
I feel your angst, Steve, remembering the times some swine has helped himself to my stuff.
Nowhere near as bad, but when I had my driveway repaved a while back I came home to find a good quality 50 foot black rubber garden hose and my favorite brass spray nozzle (An inheritance from my dad no less.) were both gonzo. We've lived in our home 20 years and nothing was ever swiped from our back yard or deck before. There were still water spots on the new blacktop where they'd used my hose to check the drainage slopes.
It's extra irritating when an employee of a contractor you're paying bites the hand that's feeding him. And of course the boss always looks you in the eye and says, "It couldn't have been any of our guys."
Jeffry Wisnia
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Jeff Wisnia

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