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With a bunch of other auction goodies was a 6 1/4" , 3 jaw Cushman chuck in great condition. Great except that one of the jaws is very firmly jammed. Not sure what is jamming it but it's pretty serious. Before I start with some serious force on this thing - which way does the T handle turn to get the jaws to move inward?

Thanks. Steve.

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Clockwise should move it in....


SRF wrote:

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Dave Young

usually it is clockwise to tighten


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Steve Koschmann

It's been a couple months since I disassembled a 3-jaw, but you should be able to take it apart without removing the jaws. You can remove the scroll and just knock the jaws out...

Just my $0.02 worth.



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Robin S.

Hey Steve,

Take it apart first and f>With a bunch of other auction goodies was a 6 1/4" , 3 jaw Cushman chuck in

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Brian Lawson

You should be able to completely dismantle the chuck from the back, and get access to what is jamming it. There should be 3 socket head bolts that you can pull out with an allen wrench. (If it is still on the backplate, there will be an additional 3 bolts holding that on.) The chuck should split in half around the pinion gears (where the chuck key goes). Once you have the scroll off the jaws, you should be able to see where the swarf has jammed it.


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Jon Elson

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