DA vs ER collets for milling?

To be more precise, if I'm going to use inch collets to hold metric shank end mills, which would offer better grip and least runout? I'm thinking ER, but I have a mess of DA collets... Or, settle for an import set of metric R8 collets?


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Whichever ones cost more most likely.

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Bob La Londe

ER for heavy side milling. DA for lite milling.

ER 25 series seems to cover most stuff, short of 3/4. ER 32 for 3/4+ I have one ER45 for 1" shanks, altho I'm thinking ER32 can go to 1". If so, WTF did I get an ER45??? LOL

Metric or inch shouldn't matter, as each collet should overlap the next by some small amount. Funny, tho, I have trouble fitting some tap sizes, like 8, 10-32.... whazzup wit DAT?????

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Existential Angst

Suggest buy the proper size collet in whatever holder holder series that has the heaviest stiffness and mass


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