Drilling Phenolic

How do you drill clean holes in linen-filled phenolic?
I'll admit that I haven't tried it yet, but I'm thinking that if I use a
regular twist drill it'll be chip city.
It's 1/8" thick flat material, I'm planning on some 3/32" holes and some
1/4" holes.
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Tim Wescott
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Clamp it between 2 pcs of wood and drill thru the sandwich. This works a charm for plastics, fiberglass, leather, thin metal sheets, etc. Art
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Small-ish pilot, then an endmill? Whatever method, do from both sides? Or sandwich each pc between wood, or sandwich a stack, well-clamped.
High-ish rpm might help, 3K+.
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Existential Angst
You've got thin material that will ride up the drill unless clamped securely and backed up with sacrificial material. Might be okay with maximum spindle RPM (8000+ isn't too fast with carbide), particularly if you drill a smallish pilot hole first.
Best regards, Spehro Pefhany
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Spehro Pefhany
It's been a few decades, but it actually machines quite well. As the inexpensive, non-magnetic, reasonably strong insulating material of choice I used a LOT of in in various plasma-physics related work. Sharp tools - and carbide is a good idea, as it makes most softer tools dull quickly (but they will be fine if you're only doing a few holes and they are sharp to begin with.)
1/8" is a bit on the thin side.
If you do have problems with drills, try end-cutting endmills, solid carbide, - if you don't have a mill, in a plunge router clamped to the work (get 1/4" shank endmills so you can find a router collet to fit.)
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