EPDM rubber adhesive

I'm building a water garden. The liner is 45 mil EPDM rubber. Looks just
like an inner tube rubber.
Long story short, I ripped a big hole in the rubber and need to patch it.
The wholesale place I obtained the EPDM rubber from sells "rubber to rubber
adhesive" by the gallon. That's WAY to much, both $ and quantity.
Anyone know what kind of adhesive I need, and a source for a smaller
quantity? Hopefully a hardware store item - the SO hates it when I leave a
job half done and move on to something else.
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Karl Townsend
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Try a local roofer that does rubber roofing.
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Tom Gardner
Also try a plumbing supply....they use EPDM for shower pans. I have almost a full pint of glue sitting around from the last time I needed it !!!!
Where are you located ??? I would be glad to give it up.....
Jeff (no cool SIG) Sellers
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Jeff Sellers
Hi Karl, A lot of newer travel trailers use EPDM roof coverings. There is a patch kit available, check a local RV dealer. The patch kit I used last was made by Alpha Systems, worked very well.
Jim Kovar Vulcan, Mi
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Jim Kovar
Get a tire patch kit. Gary Brady Austin, TX
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Gary Brady
I was about to post the same but thought I'd look at the rest of the repolies first. Then I just began to wonder if such still exists. Remember patching tubes for bicycles and cars WAYback in the dim dark ages. :-) ...lew...
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Lewis Hartswick
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randy replogle
Just to keep an off topic thread going even longer... I'm planning a large pond myself. Someone here mentioned that roofers use EPDM for roofs. Is this the same stuff nurseries sell for one first born child per foot?
I would think roofers would have access to very large pieces of this material....
James Kelsey, Seattle
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I believe so, you should be able to search the groups and find a pond group.
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"epdm and pond" ought to do it.
Joel. phx
I remember they didn't like swimming pool liners because of the algaecide, that might be an issue with some roof types.
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Joel Corwith
On Mon, 24 May 2004 16:54:29 -0700, "Joel Corwith" brought forth from the murky depths:
rec.ponds will prolly do it for him.
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