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There is a particular little coated ball end mill from Reid Supply that I have grown to like for certain applications. It works and it lasts a very long time as long as I don't crash the machine. I went to buy 6 of them from Reid. I am down to one due to a machine break down, and that one is currently in use. It irked me when I went to check out that the shipping charge for 6 of these tiny little mills was twice the price of one. 30 of them including packaging wouldn't go over a pound. Just on a whim I checked Ebay and Amazon to see if anybody was selling the same end mill. Maybe somebody getting rid of extra stock or who knows what.

Reid Supply is an Amazon reseller. The shipping when ordered from Amazon was $7. From Reid's website it is over $12. Seems counter intuitive to me. They pay CC fees and Amazon fees and charge less. How odd. Anyway. If they have anything you buy more than one or two of check total plus shipping charges through Amazon before completing your next order.

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Bob La Londe
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Marketers try many strategims. You searched and found one that worked for you and not necessarily for them. It likely will be gone next time but enjoy it now.


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Look for a supplier that has a clue when it comes to shipping. Little items go first class mail and heaver bulkier stuff goes via UPS Things that fall in between go USPS priority or parcel post.

Often the small heavy stuff can go in a flat rate priority box faster and cheaper.

What you want to avoid is places that charge you UPS rates and ship via FedEx Smart Post. That service makes the post office look like a speeding bullet.

Roger Shoaf

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