got some carbide inserts I can't use - trade? sell?

I bought a pile of inserts on ebay to get some triangles I could use and
ended up with some I don't see myself using - if you can use them, please go
to my web page below and get my email address and we will work out a deal
without bothering the group:
CPG632 Z23 grade - I have 60 of these (new) Rudell Carbide Inc - I don't
see myself using tooling this big
XTGLP2125LH13A - looks like a parting tool insert - I have 50 of these - I'd
keep these if I could find the matching holder at a reasonable price - they
look handy
GHN-218-117 - marked "regrind" - have 20. marked .825 in pen - look like
grooving inserts
CNAGA543 - I have 5 of these - I might possibly be able to use them, but
it's a long shot
so, if you want some, or want to suggest a trade, contact me - I wouldn't
mind having a few smaller indexable end mills (e.g. 1 inch, 3/4 inch, and so
on) or a holder, or ....
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Bill Noble
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