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I just received an email from Grizzly with their Titanium Nitride drill bits on sale. 29 piece for $29,95. Any experience with these? Comments appreciated.


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E. Walter Le Roy
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That is just a coating. What is the underneath material ? That is the real question.


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E. Walter Le Roy wrote:

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Martin H. Eastburn

The underneath material is probably the same as with all the other imported ultra-cheap drill bit sets on the market. Getchursef a 119 piece set of Hertel, US made, for around $90 from J & L. Or you could pay $300 for a set of Chicago-Latrobes from MSC, etc.

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Robert Swinney

I bought some MT2 bits from MSC (their import brand) to fill in the missing ones of my mostly US made bit collection. I found them to be extremely brittle. I've replaced 2 of them already because they broke

- NOT because they got dull. They didn't have enough use to get dull yet.


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