Help please with Agent and DSL

To all you Agent users:
I just got DSL last friday. I am using full Agent. Since changing I
can recieve e-mail and download messages from newsgroups but can't
post. I am sending this message from home with a dial up connection. I
followed the directions in the help file to get Agent to work with
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Eric R Snow
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Hey Eric,
Let me just say that it CAN be done. It was what I used for the last 3 years until recently. By the way, upgrades for full Agent are free as a download. Anyway, I had to call my ISP tech department to get rid of the DSL files that interfered when I went the other way from DSL back to 56K.
So give them a try. And the best part is you can work with the computer on-line while still talking to the techs at the same time.
Take care. Good Luck.
Brian Lawson, Bothwell, Ontario. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
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Brian Lawson
Should you be using a different news server? Many ISPs control posting (and often reading) access to their news servers by IP address to limit free-loaders and possible liability.
Mark Rand RTFM
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Mark Rand
Eric, I agree with Mark regarding the news server. My ISP limits my direct access to news such that I can only access it through my connection with them, i.e. it's not portable. Could you be more specific regarding "can't post"? What does it do? Is there an error message placed in the Agent error log? If there is, then send the message to your ISP and let them help fix it. It could be that your direct news access (non-Google) is somehow restricted to ONLY your dial-up. Good luck.
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Thomas Kendrick
I don't know how this message got posted again but it was originally posted about 3 weeks ago. Though I can post to newsgroups I still haven't figgered out the mail part. Been using uotlook to send messages. Mebbe tomorrow I'll try again. Thanks, Eric
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Eric R Snow

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