Hydrogen plasma torch?

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Seems fishy to me, although they say it's essentially a transport for the arc's power. But I'm no plasma physicist.

Would also seem to me that a nozzle more like a plasma cutter torch would be preferred..? Or is that only to concentrate the gas velocity to blow out the cut?


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The atomic Hydrogen torch is pretty old tech, it doesn't develop a lot of heat (calories), the same problem as the Oxy/H2 torch. By using an arc to dissociate the H2 molecule, heat isn't wasted on that process, and the end temperature is higher. You can buy them from the major welding suppliers, but it is a very oddball machine. It was once used in special aerospace work, like welding tungsten wire and strip inside various sensors and such. I think other techniques have been found to be much more effective and economical.


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