Industry Standard Chuck Smaller than ER8?

Looking for an industry standard chuck style (collet style?) that is smaller
in diameter than ER8. Presently, ER8M collets only allow a C-C distance of
13.5MM or 0.532"
Anyone know of a similar tool holding device that gets closer?
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Dremel tool chuck and collets. Whether or not it's an industry standard is certainly debatable...
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Jim Stewart
I can't help with an industry standard collet, but if you want to look into creating your own I have a collet design I did for a customer that holds up to .100 diameter tools on .250 centers. It may not be exactly what you're looking for, but should be close enough to get estimates on the price of the collets without having to start from scratch.
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Ned Simmons
If you want to shoot me some drawings, I'd love to see them. Might not go to production with them, but if I did, you'd get a % of future sales with that design. :)
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Joe AutoDrill

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