Mechanical Aptitude Test

Was posted in alt.machines.cnc... But doesn't seem to have migrated over here yet...

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I scored a 430...

I've got the unfair advantage over some of you of being trained here on the job... But never had schooling in most of this so...

Share your score with us... No shame or bragging rights, just a fun test.

Regards, Joe Agro, Jr. (800) 871-5022

01.908.542.0244 Automatic / Pneumatic Drills:
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Joe AutoDrill
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Hey Joe,

I got one wrong. And I couldn't believe it!!!!!!!! All my working life had to do daily with worms and worm-gears, and I GOT IT WRONG!!!!!! The Union will want my Mechanics card back!! Thank goodness I retired before they found out how dumb I really was!!

Brian Lawson, Bothwell, Ontario.

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Brian Lawson

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